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How Does It Work?

Having worked across various verticals and having built the very first version of a product or solution multiple times, the Codetribe team is a leader in the creation of a minimum viable product (MVP). Whether you’re an ambitious startup or a large corporate looking to diversify, we will kickstart your dream.

We follow the simple rule of “Scope-Agree-Design-Build”, and leave you in control of potential changes at all times. If you are looking to change the world or simply make things better in your industry, get in touch with us about building your MVP.

4. Kick-off

3. Estimation

2. Scoping

1. Discovery

Discovery Report

5. Validation

Match &

We want to hear about your business goals and expectations - don’t worry, you can keep this as abstract as possible! We want to share our work and experience with you and give you an insight into some of our previous projects.

Once all the information is gathered, we initiate an online meeting or even better, an in-person get together. We then ask questions to extract what we need so we can swiftly move to the next step of this process.

Discovery Report


During this stage, we get together with you (in-person or virtually) and discuss your needs in detail. This is when you present your business to us and give us a rough understanding as to the direction you want to take.

If you don’t have previous experience or tech expertise it is perfectly fine. That is why we like to organize workshops with our team, who discuss all details with you and dedicate the needed time to create a detailed product presentation that will wow any stakeholder.

In response to the presumed needs that you have suggested to us, we challenge your decisions, suggest improvements and cost-effective solutions to the initial idea. This is when we begin to create product specifications on the basis of all the information gathered.

Technical Scope of Work


Based on the output of the Scoping Workshop, our technical team gets to work and conducts an internal workshop, in order to produce a detailed overview of the work that needs to be done.

However, if you already possess a detailed scope of work, we will skip this step and jump straight into this phase.

Project Proposal


Following the Estimation Workshop and assuming we agree on the cost, sign the agreement, assign a team, produce a roadmap, we are ready to move on to the actual build.

Essentially, this phase will bring your idea to life, and you will soon be able to market this new product or product feature.

Product Launch

Rollout & Scaling

You might think that this is it, and to be fair, this can really be the end of our relationship. However, having helped you build, we don’t want to shy away from being there when you probably need us most. We know you, we know the solution, and we have a communication framework in place!

For you, it’s time to take your product to the next level, and we are here to empower you to do just that! We will help you roll out your solution and address all areas of concern when it comes to scaling to heights not known before.

Continued Love

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