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Why to step into web3?

Blockchain is revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

By putting decentralization at its center, Web 3.0. provides a transparent, user-centric and more secure environment.

Codetribe helps you to effortlessly adopt these groundbreaking technologies and get the most from the third generation of the internet. Relying on our extensive knowledge in the domain, your business will have a competitive edge in markets across industries.

Blockchain development services

Codetribe delivers the full spectrum of blockchain services for both startups and enterprises. Whether you need a fresh new decentralized application, an immersive metaverse solution for your product, or a blockchain protocol from the ground up, we will be your trustworthy executioner. So grab the opportunity by equipping your business with secure, decentralized, and immutable blockchain solutions.

Blockchain protocol development

Private, public, or hybrid? Proof of work or Proof of stake? Layer 1 or Layer 2? Regardless of the purpose, complexity, and uniqueness of a protocol you require, our team of blockchain pundits will craft you a solution that will be a perfect match for your business needs.

DAO development

Get rid of hierarchy and rely on transparent, trustless, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) governed by smart contracts. Run and manage self-sustainable decentralized organizations and explore new business possibilities with our DAO development services.

NFT marketplace development

We build robust NFT marketplaces to help you grow the community of users. With Codetribe you can get a complete stack of NFT marketplace development services for digital properties, including various artworks and collectibles, as well as real-world assets.

Cryptocurrency development

Create your like-Bitcoin-cryptocurrency 100% hassle-free. Our end-to-end crypto development services help you launch your own crypto-asset using powerful blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency wallet

We develop user-friendly and secure crypto wallets with payment integration solutions, lawless transaction capabilities, and unique features. By following the strictest safety regulations, we keep your privacy and keep coins protected from unauthorized access while complying with regulations.


Codetribe provides consulting and development services for your asset tokenization project. From analyzing your business needs and eliciting requirements for tokenized assets to token development, integration, and quality assurance, we guarantee quality during the entire process.

Blockchain tech consulting

Utilize the knowledge and experience of the top minds at Codetribe to flourish in the blockchain industry. We examine your current solution, determine a solution tailored to your business use case, and assess how blockchain will add value to your organization. Finally, we recommend the best technology and tools for the proposed project.

Enterprise blockchain development

Our blockchain team delivers enterprise solutions that meet rigid functional and architectural requirements such as uncompromised security, enhanced resilience, and seamless experience. We provide secure and robust solutions by harnessing the potential of this progressive technology.

Blockchain security

Protect and secure your smart contracts, distributed applications, or digital assets. With extensive experience in overcoming blockchain vulnerabilities, our team of professionals helps you to leverage security as a powerful differentiator in this dynamic market.

Smart contract development

Codetribe provides full-cycle development services to deliver efficient and hack-proof smart contracts. With deep expertise in Solidity and other smart contract programming languages, we help companies automate their operations and decrease the cost of critical processes.

Cryptocurrency exchange

We offer full-fledged services for cryptocurrency exchange development. In Codetribe, you can rely on a team of crypto experts and enthusiasts who can develop safe, suitable, and customer-friendly exchange solutions for effortless trading.

dApps development

Launch engaging decentralized applications on Ethereum and Polygon with our all-inclusive set of dapp development services. Using our profound expertise in DeFi, you can disrupt a traditional financial system by building scalable platforms that foster trust, security, and transparency.

Custom blockchain solutions development

Public and private blockchains let you provide services outside your organization while managing payments, transferring data, and reducing counterparty risks. Our custom blockchain development services ensure you power up your business with high-revenue generating plans.

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Engagement models

Need an additional team of versatile blockchain developers? Or are you planning to develop an end-to-end web 3.0 solution instead? Codetribe reports for the duty.

Team augmentation

End-to-end project management

Why Codetribe is your go-to blockchain development agency

For us — what matters most in web2 development is also valid in web3 counterpart: hunger for knowledge, passion for work, and empathy for customers’ problems. Codetribe unites those three factors to deliver nothing but exceptional quality blockchain solutions.

Top-of-the-class blockchain developers

Hire skilled and qualified blockchain developers from our extensive talent pool. You get a remote, full-time team once you set up development center with Codetribe.

Trustworthy partnership

As blockchain is based on next-level transparency, so a web3 partnership needs to be. With our crystal-clear pricing policy, you can plan your budget without worrying about sudden additional payments.

Use of state-of-the-art technologies

We are at the forefront of the web3 movement. So you can bet we are constantly learning and adopting new technologies to craft competitive blockchain services.

Rapid development and meaningful outcomes

Web 3.0 requires quick but precise work at the same time. And that's the challenge we like the most. Getting quality is essential, but getting quality while beating the clock makes a difference on the market.

What our partners say about us

5 out of 5 stars

“Codetribe was hired to develop a web app that could communicate and accept crypto donations for an international nonprofit organization. Codetribe’s timely communication and great technical skills were impressive. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and looking forward to doing something together in the future.”

Vladimir Trkulja

— Innovation Consultant @ UNICEF

5 out of 5 stars

“Codetribe successfully delivered a scalable, easy-to-update site. Transparent and communicative, the team provided the client access to a shared document to keep them updated on their progress. Their productive feedback process and attentiveness to the client's needs allowed for a great partnership. We really appreciate their willingness to help with everything that we needed.”

Yariv Padva


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