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We Deliver
To The Best-
For Years

Product Development Stack

Rapid MVPs

With our team of engineers, your ideas will be accelerated from proof of concept to market validation in no time. By delivering an MVP fast, we help you get into the market at speed, so feedback is no longer theory but practical input from your actual target audience. This is a great way to test the waters without risking any potential drawbacks from existing clients.

Product Design

Product design is important, actually critical, and putting good design practices in place enables us to make the right product choices along the way. This is not just about creating a couple of wireframes - in fact, our product designers are equipped to contribute in a way that will help you identify an opportunity, better define a problem and respond with a fitting solution.

Agile Development

Agile is the buzzword on everyone’s lips, but it’s not about jumping on a bandwagon! To us here at Codetribe, Agile is not a new sensation but an approach we’ve been taking for many years. In that respect, it’s not about just about applying the likes of Scrum, Extreme Programming or Feature-Driven Development frameworks, it’s about ensuring an approach that remains flexible from start to scale. This way, partnering with Codetribe will empower you to respond to unexpected changes with confidence.

Business Development Stack

Business Design

We are keen to make a genuine contribution to your company, so we also approach the “not-so-geeky” aspects of your business with confidence:

- What is your value proposition?
- Who are your customers?
- Who are some of your key partners?
- What’s your cost structure like?
- What’s your business model?

Product Discovery & Experience Design

Of course, we are product experts, so we take a good look at your design structure and identify any potential gaps in your user experience or your “design thinking”.

Customer Validation & Development

Who is the most important one of your stakeholders? Your customers!

We help you validate your target market and deliver a real product-market fit. If your product or solution isn’t adopted by your selected audience, it’s time to review things with us!