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While our general approach is ultimately industry-agnostic, we have gained significant experience in certain verticals, having partnered with leading graduate startups and mentors from the world’s most competitive accelerator programs including Y Combinator, 500 Startups and Plug and Play.


We are one of the world's leading developers of ecommerce cutting edge technology. Whether it's building an online shop, a mobile shopping experience or a shop-in-shop solution, we have done it all!


Delivery Service

Last-mile delivery is a growing concern across the globe, as people want to receive purchased goods faster than ever before, but the logistical limitations at a local level make it difficult to handle goods at speed and with efficiency. This is particularly problematic for ecommerce players who struggle with the cost-effectiveness of smaller deliveries.

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As a response to these problems, together with Annanow, one of Switzerland’s award-winning ecommerce logistics startups, we built a platform that will revolutionize deliveries throughout the world, making last-mile delivery in less than an hour a pervasive reality. The platform has established a system of interconnected online shops, allowing clients to experience a fast, dependable and professional delivery service.



A Y Combinator graduate company, Bulletin is one of the US’s most-recognized startups in the ecommerce field. The company’s main focus is to empower and revolutionize the United States’ online-to-offline (O2O) shopping experience.

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In order to support the process of creating the country’s most unique ecommerce shopping experience, the partnership between Codetribe and Bulletin led to challenging the traditional rules of retail that seemed to have been etched in stone, but they needed to change both for brands and stores alike.

In that sense, Bulletin has now reinvented the way people think about retail. It all started with the belief that there must exist an easier way for brands to find the perfect stockists and grow their wholesale business. This driving idea was inspired by helping stores use digestible data to discover (and sell!) items their customers would love, by unlocking some of the most powerful marketing and logistics measures.


Leveraging our experience gained in the ecommerce industry, we were always curious to explore the affiliated supply-chain, whether up or downstream. In this respect, our team has partnered with companies to create more sustainable and efficient logistics patterns.


Working with Swiss logistics/ ecommerce leader Annanow, we developed processes and technology that would specifically focus on the matter of last-mile logistics. The Annanow ecosystem benefits from the philosophy of “single point of contact”, a disruption of the traditional retailer model that relies on multiple API integrations to a larger set of suppliers and partners.

In this sense, our project simplifies that connection between the retailer and the customer by placing only one relationship in between. This leads to an increase in satisfaction at both ends, and orders are processed with an increased level of efficiency.

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