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A completely new recruitment experience

Tomsfive is a project designed as an evolution of the conventional recruiting selection process. All those long CV’s, hours of typing and google searches, looking for the best way to represent and make your case - they are a thing of the past!

With Tomsfive, all that recruiters need to do is invite candidates and start searching for talents that will be perfect matches. This app allows you to make your hiring decisions based on video presentations by the talent, a way that provides an insight into their communication skills and style of expression, as well as a short biography. Personality is what counts with Tomsfive! This contemporary platform helps you integrate skill-sets, psychometric analyses and personal interaction into hiring decisions. The job posting, talent profiles, digital interviews, talent pool management - Tomsfive makes it all easy.

One tool.

One process.

All of the success.

The creators behind this brilliant idea strongly believe that bringing the right people together can make all the difference. The right people drive disruption, innovation, happiness, and, above all, success! This is why networking and enabling people to meet became Tomsfive’s mission.

Codetribe meeting team Tomsfive was just one such match. Having the chance to work on this innovative idea, Codetribe took up the inspiring challenge and set a high goal with a clear plan. The result? Tomsfive’s tech framework is built on simplicity, security, and centralization, and Codetribe worked hard to make it happen. Now, Tomsfive merges the most essential recruiting steps in one simple, efficient process.

Corporate recruiting platform

Project task


The recruiting solution that enables the best hiring decisions

Recruiting platforms are a dime a dozen, so standing out and offering higher-quality solutions than the competition was a tough challenge for both teams, Tomsfive and Codetribe. Tough challenges are always fertile ground, though, so we rose to the occasion and developed a product we truly believe in!

The Tomsfive platform helps you make hiring decisions not only based on the candidate’s history, but also on their potential. This platform strives to portray candidates and employers in the most relevant way, by introducing video presentations and video calls to the recruiting process.

Starting from scratch

Team Tomsfive reached out to us hoping we would fix the app started by the previous software development company. We looked and looked, but couldn’t find a connection with their approach. So we decided to scrap the entire thing and go for a fresh start, from scratch.

Video calls, chat and facial expression recognition

The most important task in the project was to integrate video calls in the app. Moreover, the video calls had to support text chat, the option for the participants to rate each other (positively or negatively) and, most importantly, the ability to receive feedback so neither side leaves without an explanation. Built into the app is an algorithm for various alerts and notifications during and after the video calls. Soon, the Tomsfive app will even be able to identify the participants’ emotions, inclinations and personality traits solely based on the facial expressions taking place during the video call.

Psychological evaluation

An up-and-coming unique feature that will further set Tomsfive apart from other recruitment tools is the psychological test. This will be integrated into the platform and will be a required step whilst creating a profile. The test will have an adaptive character which will offer insight into the strengths of a candidate, as well as their potential development areas. HR managers processing applicant selections will have access to the results of these tests, which will help them recognize whether a candidate’s personality matches the job position requirements.

Teamsize: 9 tribe members

Project kickoff: 17th of September, 2018

Partner’s location: St. Gallen, Switzerland

Targeted markets: Switzerland

The Tomsfive Platform consists of the following::

  • Tomsfive website for talents and scouts
  • Tomsfive iOS app for talents and scouts
  • Tomsfive Android app for talents and scouts
Recruiting software solution with video calls, chats and psychological tests


  • Backend:

    Java SpringBoot + Python(Lambda)


    MySQ(MariaDB) + DynamoDB (AWS) + Hibernate

    Cloud computing platform:
    Amazon Web Services (Lambda, S3)

    Search Engine:

    Build Automation Tool:

  • Frontend


    Vue JS

    Build Automation Tool:

    CSS preprocessor:

  • Android

    Java 1.8 / Kotlin 1.3.21

    Realm 2.1.0 / Room 2.1.0

    Gradle 4.10.1

  • IOS


    Dependency manager:
    Cocoa Pods