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The meeting place of humanity

Seven Billion Today is a social media platform with a conscience. Here, users can connect and communicate with people across the planet, both those who share similar views and those that oppose them. The platform is a forum for discussion of various issues, a place where users can connect, share, listen, comment, vote, post, campaign and seek common practical solutions where governing bodies and politicians too often fail. The awesome people behind this idea, a team of open-minded thinkers, believe that all seven billion people of the world can unite in making positive changes!

It’s about all of us

Team Seven Billion Today consolidates the polls and related voting results and then distributes these to governments, news agencies, NGO’s, charities and governmental agencies around the planet. The “My Channel”, “Connect With Others”, “Messaging” and “Updates” features are designed to enable the highest user fulfillment at zero-cost to participants! This social network values the users’ privacy and security, so we do not share any data whatsoever with third parties, and we’ve also developed state-of-the-art systems to protect the users from undesirables.

Mobile friendly mass media platform.

Project task


On the same mission

Team Seven Billion Today has a powerful vision and we’re glad to be able to help them achieve it. Their platform needed two things, the Social Media Platform Aspect and an Administrator Control Panel Module.

One of our principal challenges was implementing all the functionalities available on well-known social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Today, this platform also allows comments, polls, voting, connecting keywords and shared topics of interest and, finally, sharing content and user-generated metadata on other platforms.

Notifications that matter

Another thing we worked hard on was an advanced notification system. The modern world bombards us with information left and right, so it’s becoming much easier to cross the line of what is acceptable. This is why we at Codetribe accepted the challenge to create a detailed hierarchical notification system that filters information based on the users’ interests and preferences. The Seven Billion Today platform also clusters notifications in order to reduce the number of alerts shown. For instance, if nine or more users vote on your article, you’ll receive a single notification instead of nine different alerts for each vote.

Reviewed content in your language

Next, we focused on translating the platform to the languages of the users, as well as integrating a content control panel. Thanks to Google’s Translate Service, the website can now be translated into the language of the users’ browser. This includes all content, comments and articles. Finally, we developed a control panel to serve as the admins’ workshop, where all the content is controlled and verified. This guarantees the reliability and security of all data posted by users.

The results

In just two years that it’s been up, it has succeeded in becoming a platform with a very high level of engagement, reaching 16,000 users. It’s home to over 3,500 articles, as well as 1,800 frequently shared posts. And this is only the beginning!

Teamsize: 5 tribe members

Project kickoff: 1st of March 2016

Partner’s location: Hong Kong, China

Targeted markets: Worldwide

The platform consists of the following

  • The Social Media Platform Aspect
  • The Administrator Control Panel Module
Worldwide social media platform responsive to all devices.


  • Backend:

    Java SpringBoot

    MySQL + Hibernate & Flyway

    Logging utility:

    Build Automation Tool:

  • Frontend

    HTML + CSS


    Build Automation Tool:

    CSS preprocessor: