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The future of luxury travel

The Portier project began with the sole mission of taking the traveling experience to new heights of convenience, bringing hotels and guests closer to one another. As a group of experienced hospitality enthusiasts that strongly believe in the ability of technological innovation to enhance a guest’s hotel experience, the Portier product strives to take hotel offerings to the future of international luxury travel.

A connected stay

Each hotel guest is provided with a Samsung smartphone on which Portier’s mobile application is installed. The app has full mobile coverage, 4G data connection, inspiring content, a live map with a city guide, a service for chatting with the hotel staff, unlimited phone calls on the Dialer application via VOIP, and much more. As for the hotels, the Portier’s CMS Web Portals allows these users to share offers and events to the guests via direct messages or by publishing to guest calendars, among other things. Managers are also able to track real-time data analytics so they can send the right offer at the right time to the right customer. By leveraging the mobility of Portier phones, hotels keep guests connected, informed and engaged anywhere they go!

Project task



This was our first Codetribe project, where it all began! It brought an amazing opportunity to establish a long term partnership between our two teams of thinkers and market creators. We were greatly privileged to have been able to work with team Portier and witness the success of both our companies through the years.

Portier represents a multi-platform solution that is both a B2B solution designed for luxury hotels as one primary stakeholder and a B2C platform offered to the guests of the luxury hotels.

Privacy before all

This project’s principal challenge was to build a device for hotel guests whose privacy is our top concern. We wanted to implement a system that would allow remote managing and clearing of private data; how we envisioned to do this was by adjusting Firmware for use with BQ, the Spanish brand of phones. However, this didn’t work since the company ceased production of the phone model. We needed a new solution!

We found the perfect one with Samsung’s Knox, a defense-grade mobile security platform built into their devices. Now, team Codetribe can remotely manage Portier’s devices in luxury hotels and guarantee their users’ privacy.

We work like we own it!

Our second biggest challenge was building a web app to be used by the hotels’ receptionists, waitstaff, management and marketing team. The founders of Portier surely recognized the need but had yet to crystallize a picture of all the functionalities they needed to cover. With our help and their vision, we managed to create the perfect communication channel between the guests and hotel staff. At the same time, the platform also serves as a marketing channel for hotel events and services.

22 and counting…

International markets bring with them certain needs for localization. The Portier app cannot be the same for a luxury hotel located in Paris as it is for those in Thailand. Currently, there are 22 hotels who use 22 different Portier approaches, and more are still to come! This is yet another highly challenging but very interesting part of the project; each hotel location demands distinct language and cultural adjustments, keeping us at team Codetribe on our feet as we strive to provide the best app in each location!

Teamsize: 12 tribe members

Project kickoff: 1st of March 2016

Partner’s location: Hong Kong, China & New York, USA

Targeted markets: Worldwide

The platform consists of the following:

  • Android Application Portier Launcher
  • Android Application Portier Dialler
  • Android Application Portier Chat
  • Ahe Portier Web Application
  • AMS (Custom built web-based solution)
  • Server Side code (Codebase, Database, and third-party APIs)
  • Mobile devices distributed to hotels (Samsung)


  • Backend:

    Java SpringBoot

    MySQL + Hibernate & Liquibase

    Google Cloud Messaging Libraries:

    Cloud communication platform:

    Logging utility:

    Build Automation Tool:

  • Frontend

    HTML + CSS

    Angular 1.x

    Build Automation Tool:

    CSS preprocessor:

  • Android

    Java 1.8 (partial)

    Realm 3.1.4

    Gradle 2.3.2

    Google Support Libraries:
    Cardview, Pallete, Design, App Compat v7 and Constraint Layout

    Google Cloud Messaging Libraries:
    GCM, Maps and Location

    Network: OkHttp 2.7.2, Retrofit 2, GSON and Picasso

    Statistics and Crash:
    MixPanel, HockeyApp, Fabric, Real Stetho and Facebook Stetho