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Picking up the pace

The Meridianbet mobile app takes betting to the next level by syncing all sports matches, bets and casino games to one platform. Launched in 2015, the project has since been upgraded with new versions more than a hundred times. This is one of our highly demanding projects from the technical side, as the platform has to give access to live streams of various matches all over the world and provide up-to-date information, meaning it refreshes every 4 seconds. Up until now, the Meridian app has been used in 25 countries and we expect more in the future.

Sports, casino games, live results and betting platform

Project task


A compact but meaningful project

We at Codetribe have a long-term relationship with Meridianbet, like we do with most of our other partners. Since most of our projects are collaborations with international partners, it was a refreshing experience to work with a local company in need of our support.

A bet for everyone

The Meridianbet app offers plenty of features for users of various fields of interests. Users can create their own preferences when it comes to betting scope and interests, and they have the option of making these settings “default” and accessible by a simple tap. Players who don’t like sports can find various other wagering options, such as betting on various statements about the future of the entertainment industry or a wide selection of over 100 free casino games. Those that like to bet in real-life venues can turn their location service on and the app will show them the nearest Meridian bet and casino shops. Not only this, but they’ll get redirected to Google Maps so they can easily find directions. In order to verify their profile, users need to connect the app to a credit card, Skrill, Bet shop, Bank Transfer or other country-dependant options. Of course, users must be over 18 (depending on the country) to play.

Teamsize: 2 tribe geniuses

Project kickoff: 14th of March 2016

Partner’s location: Belgrade, Serbia

Targeted markets: Worldwide

Android application with numerous casino games.


  • Android




    HockeyApp, Play Store

    Google Cloud Messaging Libraries:
    GCM, Maps and Location

    Retrofit 2, Okhttp3

    Crash Reporting:

    Cloud Messaging:

    Glide, Stetho