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Create a positive experience

Layne was created with a single goal: to offer a unique platform for users to buy and sell used cars on their own terms. Up until now, various issues would complicate this process, such as the very common difficulties with haggling. Layne was born to streamline the process, eliminate the obstacles and make trading used cars a positive experience both for the buyers and the sellers.

Security is a top priority

The Layne platform enables all vetted users to sell their vehicles at up to 25% higher prices than they would at the dealers’. Additionally, the entire transaction involves little effort and no risk, since the users only pay once the car is sold. Owners can also list their car in seconds by entering their license plate number, and Layne itself will help with filling in the rest of the vehicle’s technical details. Moreover, the app also provides users with an Estimated Fair Price Range for each car based on the vehicle’s condition and details. Using this approach, Layne helps in creating a fair price market, thereby gaining both the sellers’ and buyers' trust.

Once the final sale price has been confirmed, Layne starts advertising the car on its online platform and issues a 12-month warranty. This is yet another of the many ways Layne supports second-hand goods trade, a sustainable and environment-friendly proposition which is often misused and abused. For these reasons, Layne invests extra care and attention to detail in order to create a flawless platform.

Retail application for used cars

Project task


Online trade on your own terms

Team Layne contacted Codetribe looking for a software development team, one that could realize the potential behind their idea and approach the task like a partner or product owner would. We set a clear goal: to create a platform that would be safe, simple to understand and reachable by any possible device, and look good while it’s at it!

Two's company, three’s a crowd

The Layne app is fitted with every crucial component when it comes to connecting buyers and sellers. This includes a custom chat application, searching tools, and more! Layne is an application that excludes the middleman. Sellers and buyers get to trade cars directly between each other and at a higher benefit for each side!

The fairest of prices

Above all, we designed this app to help individuals who lack experience selling cars, or those who don't know anything much about automobiles at all. So, the most important functionality comes in the shape of networking different databases that help in estimating fair price ranges. In order to reach a final price estimate, we needed to accumulate, merge, map and analyze approximately 5-6 million data points. If you think you can imagine just how complex this project was, you’re probably just halfway there. We’re glad to have had the chance to work on this project and make the idea come true.

Teamsize: 5 tribe members

Project kickoff: 1st of August 2018

Partner’s location: Zurich, Switzerland

Targeted markets: Switzerland

The Layne platform consists of the following:

  • The Layne Website
  • The Layne IOS App
  • The Layne Dashboard
Retail application design and functionalities


  • Backend:

    Java SpringBoot, Python

    MySQL + Hibernate & Flyway, NoSQL

    Logging utility:

    Build Automation Tool:

  • Frontend

    HTML + CSS

    Vue JS

    Build Automation Tool:

    CSS preprocessor: