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Sustainable impact

Every day, millions of tons of food are thrown away. Two-thirds of all this wasted food is not waste at all. This avoidable food waste along with the entire supply chain has detrimental impacts on the environment, and reducing it would remarkably cut down unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and eventually result in climate change turnaround. There is a huge potential on this market and Kitro team was ready to implement their eye-opening solution.!

THE FIRST fully automated food waste management SOLUTION

KITRO is bringing an original solution to the food waste with integrating technology into commercial kitchens and giving actionable insights into the issue of food waste. In our project together we bring visibility to the food waste issue through the Dashboard in a data-driven and transparent way. KITRO is a tool that gives users the opportunity to have a detailed overview of food waste and make considerable changes based on the progressive analysis. Having this vision about creating a better tomorrow for all of us, KITRO along with our team set a goal to build a user-oriented product that is intuitive and efficient above all.

Kitro dashboard

Project task

Where do all leftovers go?

Trash bins- that’s exactly where the KITRO team decided to start from. However, these trash bins are not like all others. They automatically capture data on all the food being wasted in commercial kitchens with an IoT device and scale. While working on this interesting product together, our task was to calculate the data from all trash events and provide a personalized Analytics Dashboard that empowers users to make informed decisions and optimize work practices to reduce food waste, food cost, and environmental impact.

Data visualization

Through this Dashboard, users have an overview of waste performance over time, in comparison to the selected time period and filtered through avoidable and unavoidable types of waste. Along with visual representation through graphs and charts the user can see the percentages, cost and waste amounts of all types of food categories, menu items, sources of waste and serving times.

Goals tracking

Besides monitoring their performance, the users can also view if they are reaching their waste reduction goal and receive personalized advice about the relevant topics they are interested in.

PDF makes everything easier

Users can generate PDF reports from the Dashboard with the filters set and all visual elements generated within it, even though the Dashboard itself is not optimized for the A4 format. The PDF reports could be seen when generated, downloaded and shared via email.

The result

So far KITRO is helping multiple hospitality businesses in reaching their sustainability goals with decreasing the food waste up to 40%, which leads to annual savings up to 24000 CHF, which means approximately 2000 meals saved per month. However, this is only the beginning. We are not loosening up until the avoidable food waste is not reduced by 60%.

Teamsize: 5 tribe members

Project kickoff: February 2019

Partner’s location: Zurich, Switzerland

Targeted markets: Switzerland and Germany

Kitro dashboard.


  • Backend

    AWS Lambda (Python 3.7)


    Logging Utility:
    AWS Cloudwatch

    Build Automation Tool:
    AWS Cloudformation

  • Frontend

    HTML + CSS


    Build Automation Tool:

    CSS Preprocessor: