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The Airbnb of retail

Bulletin is building the future of retail by providing a platform that serves as the “Airbnb” for retail space. Brands are offered the opportunity to share the cost of real-life stores, enabling the users to sign up for space in Bulletin stores and sell their products. All that’s required is a quick online registration process and the products can be seen in the online shop. The users selling goods are provided with a custom dashboard where they can watch the sales rolling in, check on real-time sales data, product feedback and custom-built inventory management.

Matching retailers and brands

Bulletin is an e-commerce market, a community and a shoppable magazine where the stores do the selling. It matches modern retailers who’re searching for unique supply and innovative brands looking for trustworthy stockists, offering both unique brand owners and retailers unique possibilities in the world of sales. Brand owners can activate their products online in multiple locations in order to test new markets or build awareness. Retailers, on the other hand, are provided with an e-commerce online shop where they can browse through the coolest, most unique, digital-first brands.

Project task


The shoulders of giants

Before getting in touch with us at Codetribe, the Bulletin startup team was part of a well-known program that goes by the name of Y Combinator. Have you ever heard of Airbnb, Dropbox, GitLab, Doordash? Yes, those are all startups that began as part of Y Combinator. Today, they are some of the world’s most recognizable international firms. Bulletin seems to be keeping good company!

A rocky start

This project was Codetribes’ first e-commerce undertaking. As could be expected, one of our main challenges came in the shape of integration with Shopifу’s beta API’s. This caused various discrepancies in the Product Inventory, an issue that took various iterations, bug finding and helps from Shopify’s engineers to solve. The whole thing ended up a joint effort showcasing awesome teamwork between us and Shopify’s API development.

Everything, and a bit more

The second challenge was integrating a payment system which would enable the customers to pay multiple users in one single transaction. This means to calculate the commission, process the payout and payout date for each one separately. Thanks to our dedicated Codetribe backend team and our perseverant QA engineers, who tested multiple payments in detail for weeks on end, we managed to overcome this obstacle as well.

Everything changes, that’s how you know it works

When it rains, it pours. In the midst of all the trials, we had to face an entire remodeling upon user feedback. It truly was a time to remember. Of course, events taking an unforeseen turn or the minds of clients changing out of the blue are an everyday occurrence in innovation-oriented startups. We know how to deal with them when they happen.

The total overhaul required adjustments of the existing platform and replanning, reworking and ideating a completely new roadmap all the while trying to save as much of the work done so far. Through brainstorming and live workshops alongside the client and users, we successfully integrated the new business into the platform.

Today, more than 200 brands from around the globe use the Bulletin Inventory Management and wholesale platform that was introduced in 2018 on TechCrunch, one of the leading online IT magazines.

Teamsize: 9 tribe members

Project kickoff: 1st of April 2017

Partner’s location: New York, USA

Targeted markets: USA and Canada

The Bulletin Platform consists of the following:

  • The Bulletin Website
  • The Bulletin E-Commerce Shop
  • CMS (Custom built web-based solution)
  • Server Side code (Codebase, Database, and third-party APIs)


  • Backend:

    Java SpringBoot

    PostgreSQL + Hibernate & Flyway

    Logging utility:

    Cloud computing platform:
    Amazon Web Services - Lambda

    Cloud storage:
    Amazon S3

    Search Engine:

    Build Automation Tool:

  • Frontend

    HTML + CSS


    Build Automation Tool:

    CSS preprocessor: