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Faster than you can say “instant delivery”

Annanow is the gateway between e-commerce and retail shops, helping individuals who earn by making deliveries and buyers that want their orders delivered in no more than one hour.

The Annanow platform consists of several applications designed for different stakeholders. For instance, the Annanow Tracker allows end-users (clients) to track the location of, and even interact with the postman delivering their order. Annanow Postman, on the other hand, is an app useful for anyone that is looking for a job or a side project. With it, you can join the Annanow community and deliver packages to earn quick extra bucks.

The Annanow platform

With the help of Annanow, creating an order, printing the order slips, connecting the right Postman with the right order is all but a breeze. In case the shop is a part of a franchise, The Annanow platform allows control over all branches of the shop that exist within the city and country. Being the safety net that ensures all created orders arrive on their desired addresses is no small task. Thankfully the Annanow Preferred Partner CMS is there to offer clear data on where to pick up, where to deliver and for whom the delivery has to be made. Finally, the Annanow Administrator control module helps with maintaining a strong grasp over all of the business processes. This versatile system solves all management inquiries of the business owners, offering them a clear overview, control, and flexibility to maintain their successful business model.

Administrator panel for delivery tracking platforms

Project task


Years of prosperity

Annanow is a long-term project we’ve been working on since 2016. Through the years it has developed into a serious platform that consists of many different apps, and it only keeps growing!

Deliveries trackable in real time

One of our biggest challenges was also one of our first tasks - making deliveries trackable in real time. It all starts the moment the order is received all the way until the parcel reaches its final destination; the whole procedure is trackable by a transparent technical process which allows all participants to see its real-time location. To do this, we’ve built both an iOS and an Android application by implementing Google Services which recognize the location of the parcel (thanks to geocoding and reverse geocoding), and make it available to all parties in real time. To simplify the process, we’ve decided to store temporary data on a base that is not part of our prime infrastructure.

A system of working hours

Developing a precise system that would manage working hours was another important task and a valuable lesson for our team. As the name says, this system is responsible for storing and documenting the working hours of delivery parties. This might appear to be a relatively simple task in theory, but from the technical side, it proved to be a highly demanding platform that ended up attracting plenty of new clients with the same need.

Pick up point optimization

To boost deliveries even further, we implemented an algorithm that we like to call “pick up point optimization”. What it does is very simple, yet priceless. Since most of our clients are franchises with stores on numerous locations, we created an algorithm that considers the inventory of each store as well as the location of the delivery. It then calculates which store is optimal for making the order in question. This system makes the entire process more efficient, productive and also cheaper!

Priority deliveries

One of the most interesting functionalities we’ve implemented into the platform is the Priority System. This feature organizes delivery teams by listing all the different delivery categories available (pedestrian, bicycle, taxi and, when it comes to larger orders, vans and trucks) and allowing the seller to choose what suits them the most. This is done by implementing filters such as availability, urgency, and dimensions of the order.

The Results

Today, Annanow processes over 1000 deliveries per month, serving more than 8000 shops registered on the platform. Some of the famous venues that use Annanow are Migros, Jumboshop, Fleurop Shop, Globus, Media Mart, etc. The startup first saw implementation in Switzerland, and three years later it spread to Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.

Teamsize: 12 tribe members

Project kickoff: 1st of November, 2016

Partner’s location: Zurich, Switzerland

Targeted markets: Switzerland, Germany, Austria & Liechtenstein

The Annanow system consists of the following:

  • iOS Tracker application
  • iOS Postman application
  • iOS Shop application
  • Android Tracker application
  • Android Postman application
  • Android Shop application
  • PHP and Ruby plugins for integration between existing shop CMS and our platform (Magneto 1, Magneto 2, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.)
  • The website which offers a detailed presentation of the system and online tracking
  • Administrator panel with which our staff can track everything (from users and orders to shops and postmen)
  • Shop panel where shop owners can track orders that are being delivered to customers
  • Server side API for integration to third-party systems
Shop panel for users of delivery services


  • Backend:



    MySQL + Hibernate & Liquibase

    Cloud messaging

    Cloud communication platform:

    Google Maps Platform:
    Google routes

    Logging utility:

    Build Automation Tool:

    Mail services:

  • Frontend:

    HTML + CSS

    Angular 1.x

    Build Automation Tool:

    CSS preprocessor:


    PHP, Ruby




    Dependency manager:

    Crash Reporting:

    Cloud messaging:

  • Android:



    Gradle 2.3.1

    Retrofit 2, Okhttp3

    Dependency manager:
    Dagger 2

    Crash Reporting:

    Cloud messaging:

    Livedata, Coroutines, Workmanager, Paging, Glide, Stetho

    Espresso, Mockito, JUnit