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Packed with years of experience in developing products, processes and software to address larger corporate issues, we have developed a strong understanding of challenges corporates around the world face today. Everyone loves an exciting startup idea, but does a corporate select the right model for innovation? Codetribe can help!

Innovation Program

Designed like a startup accelerator, Digital Innovation Program focuses on a set of challenges a corporate is facing and looks to create products to specifically solve this problem. Over the course of 6 months, 6 blocks of 2 weeks each serve to brainstorm, design, sprint and innovate for the purpose of delivering new products, software or processes that will help the corporate implement real innovation.


If it’s digital transformation you’re looking for, the Codetribe team will create a dedicated innovation team for corporates that are looking to take certain aspects of their business into the digital age. In order to do digital transformation right, it is important for corporates to find startups or groups of individuals that can fuel this change. The Codetribe team is here to help with that!


If you’re looking for more regular and not project-based innovation, we offer the establishment of an Outpost that would exclusively serve as the perpetual innovation department for your corporate, so highly innovative solutions can continue to find their way into your corporate.

The Codetribe team will source and help you assemble the perfect team to deliver these pieces of innovation. This will allow you to run at the pace of leading startups and will help you to hedge against the disruptive nature of competing startups. In essence, you will become a disruptor again!

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